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What is the difference between Front End and Back End Development?

There are three people in any Web Development team:

  1. Front End Developer – Let’s call him John
  2. Back End Developer – Let’s call him Dave
  3. Web Designer – Let’s call him Leo

John codes what you see on your screen when you visit a website.

This includes the buttons, text fields, forms and animations.

John doesn’t design the website.

He doesn’t choose the colors and the layout to use.

Leo does.

Leo creates a design for pages in image format and then John converts them into live pages with code.

Dave’s code handles all the data that is required by the application

If John, Dave and Leo are creating a registration page for their website, here’s what the process will look like:

Leo creates a design with a tool like Photoshop.

This design is currently in Image format and is non-interactive.

Leo gives sends this image file to John.

John checks the image and writes code that builds a real page that looks just like the one in the image.

At this stage, the page has a form that can be submitted, but if a user tries to submit the form, the data goes nowhere.

So, Dave writes some magical code that handles all the data that comes from the user when he/she submits the form.

Dave’s code validates the data for errors like invalid email, empty password field, etc.

If Dave’s code finds no validation errors in the data, the data is stored in the database.

Now, the user is able to login to the website.

The same process is followed for all the pages of a website.

Let me know if you have any questions.