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I am assuming you are looking for Taxi App and thus, My Answer is based purely on it. We can customize the App for you too. Peregrine Infoworld

It completely depends upon what kind of designs you want, what kind of features you want to incorporate in the application Etc. Lot of aspects needs to be taken care of before providing the proper time and costing on the project.

I am pasting few of the features below which you may want to incorporate in your application.

User – Passenger

1. Create a profile with an email address (One time activation code) or Facebook. Have to accept terms and conditions.

2. Profile with personal information

3. Last Journeys or frequently used locations. Complete ride history available with option to clear history

4. Payment Gateway

5. Invites – Facebook – Tweeter

6. Be able to login and log out

7. Book a Taxi according to the needs

8. See estimated fare and current Discount running.

9. Pinpoint exact location using GPS and search for the nearest available driver

10. Estimated fare given before driver arrives, using GPS via miles and route length

11. User picks the Driver and their profile appears on the screen

12. Track the taxi coming to you.

13. Option to call the driver directly from the app

14. Once the fare is over, a notification pops up asking to rate the driver out of 5 stars

User- Driver

1. Sign in/ Sign up

2. Personal Information for the Registration

3. Have the option to be "Active or Inactive" (Active drivers appear on the map, inactive drivers don't)

4. An alert is sent to the driver's phone when a customer has chosen the driver and the estimated fare is brought up on the screen.

5. Able to call the passenger from the app

6. Drivers are able to see past bookings and revenue generated (Daily, Monthly)

User- Admin

1. Admin logs into server via secure password

2. Able to view every driver's profile in the database

3. Able to see each and every fare that has taken place or currently being taken

4. Able to view every customer's profile in the database

5. Able to directly message each driver and/or customers and whole list

6. Able to view total amount of money made by fares daily, weekly and monthly

7. Able to view each driver's ratings/stars

8. Able to remove drivers and customers from the system

Payment Integration

Credit Card
Debit Card

User- Other

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