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How much does it cost t build a website like

The location of your future development company partner has a dramatic influence on the cost and the approach. Fairly enough, the more client-oriented a company is, the higher are its costs. Usually, the prices are based on hourly rates. Here’s the approximate breakdown by geography:

  • India and Pakistan charge 30–35/hour,
  • Eastern Europe $25-40/hour,
  • Western Europe $40-60,
  • something between 120 and 160 for onshore US companies.

Scale of the app development project
Creating complex client-server architecture will substantially affect the development time and cost. For an education app – this may or may not be the case, depending on what’s the purpose of your app.

Here’s quick approximate reference for basic education app features (the list is not even close to being exhaustive):

  • Custom user interface (Very recommended) ~$10000;
  • You’ll probably need an email login – $500+social login $1000
  • Dashboard/member area (list of courses taken, current progress, etc) – $2000
  • User profiles for teachers and students – $2000
  • Data sync across devices – learning with no device boundaries – $2000
  • Calendar integration – ~$1000
  • Messaging for student-teacher communication – ~$500
  • Custom app icon – $200
  • Integrating any 3rd party API will cost around (video and more) $5000
  • If there will by any payment systems involved – that will take the price up by around $3k to $5k or so.

The features from this quick estimation alltogether clock in just under $30,000. Please use this number only as a reference, it may vary depending on numberous factors. If you’d like us to develop a more detailed quote – we’ll do it for free – contact us at Peregrine InfoWorld

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